Mike Barlow, creator of myHealthPal is a technologist with 20 years of experience in creating solutions for organisations such as HSBC & MSD but since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his early 40’s he has been working on ways to manage his condition and help others, one being myHealthPal®.
myHealthPal is a digital companion for managing health that helps people feel less patient and more empowered. It enables people with long-term health conditions to take control and manage their condition. It captures and visualises data, transforming information into knowledge for patients, family, doctors, and research.

Part of his vision is to power research through anonymised user donated data, this real world data can help researchers better understand how people living with long-term conditions are affected by their symptoms and how it impacts their quality of life. Understanding how medication is used and measuring its effectiveness together with how diet, exercise and environmental factors may also affect medication and symptoms is key to improving research, health outcomes and quality of life so Mike created “DataDonate® which enables users to give something of real value”.