Introducing Frontiers Health

Frontiers Health is the health vertical by Frontiers Conferences. Creating engaging conference experiences for 10 years, home of innovation and all things digital.

Healthcare is being transformed and to a good extent will be disrupted by digital technologies. Frontiers Health has been designed to provide a unique experiential platform to learn, exchange and get inspired.
Practitioners of disruptive health will engage in many highly inspirational, informative and controversial lessons and conversations all meant to give companies, entrepreneurs and VCs a useful roadmap, key insights and top level learning.

Healthcare meets Innovation

Dive into 2 days of cutting-edge health innovations and future trends that will shape the world

  • Day 1: explore new trends and possibilities, join workshops and do great networking
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Eight guiding themes

Conference activities will explore guiding themes inspired to healthcare trends and innovation topics Read more

Multiple engaging formats

  • Game-based learning
  • Interactive workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Masterclasses
  • Panels
  • Tech discovery Read more

Conference Themes

2016 saw the creation of external brain-to-muscle interfaces to help paralyzed people regain use of their limbs, thought mapping experiments which determined that humans store specific memories in the same areas of the brain, the use of cell stems to regenerate portions of the brain destroyed by stroke and bring back lost functions, and 3D printing that can create biological implants that also contain electronic sensors. As each Frontier of innovation is reached, how far away are we from true Singularity?
YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and airbnb, are only some of many new successful businesses created and launched by designers rather then techies! With designers now in the boardroom, leveraging user centricity as a key component of business innovation, it is only natural to expect that health consumers will come to expect this type of experience when managing their own healthcare needs. What then constitutes well thought out business design for health?
What are they and how do their clinical approach and beneficial results disrupt established medical practice? Learn how to accelerate, finance and monetize digital therapies through end-user subscriptions, large group licensing and payer models.
While payors’ cost cutting and outcomes based reimbursements have forced providers and patients to innovate to meet these new goals, the payors themselves have lagged behind in innovation. Learn about the types of change insurers must implement immediately to survive and thrive in the new healthcare landscape.
Non-revenue generating clinical pilots are not enough to demonstrate business potential. To be successful, business plans need to consider various revenue models towards reimbursements, strategic relationships with insurers and more. Learn more about these considerations in a series of events surrounding this topic.
The importance of establishing clinical relevancy through scientific and medical validation. Do traditional clinical trial methodologies still apply, or is there a need of new study guidelines and methodologies?
An EU focused view of the various steps in the funding of digital health initiatives. What are the healthcare and financial models to consider, and how should financing and equity be structured once more investors enter the picture?
Given the width and breadth of healthcare, it is difficult to imagine a world where a single entity will be able to deliver on all of its needs. Then, what are the different win-win strategies for startups to consider in partnering with other innovators towards the creation of a healthcare services universe?

2016 Steering Committee

Roberto Ascione

CEO @ Healthware International

Doug Hayes

CEO @ Junto Health

Min-Sung Sean Kim

Venture Capitalist – Allianz Ventures, Digital Health

Pascal Lardier

Executive Director @ Health 2.0

David Orban

Founder & Managing Partner @ Network Society Ventures

Marc Sluijs

Digital health investment advisory

Paul Tunnah

CEO @ pharmaphorum media


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