Josep Carbó is an Industrial Engineer based in Barcelona and with more than 18 year of international experience in Management Consulting and more than 12 years of experience in the Health & Life Science Industries.

In his +16 years of professional career at Accenture, Josep helped dozens of organizations from many different industries achieve strategic organizational transformation and gradually focused his activity in the Health and Life Sciences industries.

From 2010 to 2015 Josep led Accenture’s Health Management Business Service in Europe, Africa and Latin America. In that role Josep led projects and initiatives which aim was improving health services delivery particularly for chronics patients in order to raise their quality of life standard and improve health services efficiencies. In particular, Josep contributed in projects like the Multichannel Health Service Center in the Basque Country, the Case Management project based in predictive analytics in La Fé (Valencia) or TEKI, the Telemedicine Solution based on Kinect Technology for elder population in the Basque Country.

In October 2015, Josep joined MEDIKTOR as Global Business Development Lead and Partner. MEDIKTOR is an advanced digital & mobile platform that connects patients and clinicians in the most effective way and after pre-diagnosing patients through an edge breaking, artificial intelligence based relational algorism.