After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1969 with a dual degree – Michael became a lifetime serial entrepreneur. Dotsub is his ninth start-up, the first one in technology – the first eight being outside the US in high-risk emerging economies employing thousands of people primarily producing textiles & apparel. These were in Haiti, Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Dotsub was conceived in 2004, launched in 2007, becoming the world’s first browser-based technology to enable video, created in any language, to quickly & easily become available in any other language, using either machine, human or professional translation, and then viewable on all existing and future video enabled devices and platforms, including mobile. Dotsub was awarded patents on its technology in 2014. Dotsub is proud to be a founding partner of Videum Health, the world’s first multilingual video portal in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry, with its Italian partner Esense.

Michael’s life vision is “To remove language as a barrier to cross-cultural communication using multilingual video”. As video becomes the dominant way to communicate and tell stories, he has started the journey to help provide knowledge to 7.2B people in the world, in their native language. He recently added the title ‘Collector of Puzzle Pieces’ to his more traditional ones of Founder, Chairman & CEO.

Michael is on the Board of Translators Without Borders, Hands to Hearts Intl, Mother & Child Health & Education Trust, Media For Change and One Plus Two Media. Today Dotsub works with many of the Fortune 100 including Amazon, Apple, Google, Hearst and IBM, as well as start-ups like Airbnb, government agencies like World Bank and nonprofits worldwide. This unique position puts Dotsub in the forefront of an explosive global vision.